Thursday, 15 November 2012

What’s the point of Social media?

Social Media has grown from the heart of the internet over many years and allows people to communicate though what is fast becoming known as the new 'word of mouth'. There are so many different types of social media used in different ways, which are all adapting over time. Not only are social media platforms accessible via your computer, now users are able to access it via anything from a mobile to a tablet or TV, making it even more accessible and prominent. Allowing any user to access social media anywhere and everywhere also means users are updated instantly, in real time, meaning anyone who has a device connected to the internet can access the shared data instantly.

So why is this good for a business?

With the ability for people to access social media everywhere, business should think of this as a prime opportunity to attract new customers. Some businesses find social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter too 'social' 'relaxed' to be implemented into their business strategy and therefore think it is unneeded. This is where they are wrong; social media can provide a massive impact on a business either by creating business or making relationships with other business, and providing information quickly to your audience. Another feature of social media is its almost always completely free, meaning you can get your message across to the target audience for many other marketing platforms do you know that offer that kind of ROI?

Another great benefit of social media for business is it allows information to be spread easily, for example the 'like' button on Facebook means that when a user likes your content, it will show up on their profile and allow all their friends to see it. With an average user having around 300 friends, this makes the reach of social media incredible. This makes more people aware of the subject, and therefore of your brand.

Social media doesn’t just connect clients to a business, but businesses to other businesses. This commonly happens on twitter, what twitter allow users to do is announce or quote something that will appear to anyone who is following the user. If the tweet reaches a business that shares or replies to the tweet this might instigate a relationship between both businesses, or provide a great start to discussions.

Another great example of the uses of social media is video marketing. Creating video content and then just posting them on your site means that the only people who are going to see them are the people who visit the site. Posting them out via social media channels would allow them to be seen by the public and generate a wider audience. From there they can be linked to by other social media services like Facebook or Twitter allowing an even wider audience to see the video, making people aware of what the business does.

What the downsides to social media?

The downside to social media is it needs a constant eye on productivity. This can cause issues for some businesses as they may not have time to handle the interaction with social media to get the most out of it. It doesn’t help that to get the most out of social media requires an audience, and the process of getting people to link or add you is tricky. There are different techniques but almost all of them take time and a lot of attention.
Content has to be provided to make people more interest in your social media message, if no content is given then there isn’t much chance that viewer of the social media will be interested in sharing it. This is another time constraint on businesses.


The reason why businesses should use social media is basically as it allows your business to extend and grow, helping it to move forward and be perceived as a 'modern' business. As we all know, the internet is changing the world and now allows people to communicate with one another when they could be on the opposite side of the world geographically. What this does is allows business to communicate and increase the chance of getting more customers and create relationships with other businesses. Not only does this happen, but if a company has a good social media presence this will also result in the SEO being enhanced.
The reason why business should use social media is basically it allows you to extend and grow your online presence, helping you to move forward and be perceived as modern at the same time. 

Like with most areas of business and productivity, everything takes time and investment, all social media is free but getting the most from it takes a lot of time and attention.

Who are we?

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