Friday, 18 January 2013

Benefits of Google+

What is Google+?

Google+ is a social networking platform to rival both Facebook and Twitter; it was created by Google to participate in the current social media buzz. Google has made many previous attempts with social media services such as Google Wave and Google Buzz that have never really caught on, but it has invested a lot of time and money into making Google+ a massive competitor against Facebook.

Google has integrated their services in to Google+ to expand the social media world. Some of their most famous services such as Google maps, Picasa, Gmail are all incorporated into G+. It has a lot of features which allow people to talk over any platform as they have a mobile and tablet app, so you don't have to be on a desktop or laptop computer to access your G+ page.

They have also implemented different ways to stay in touch with people by adding in new and innovative ways of interaction. For example, Google has integrated a system called Circles in which you add someone into your circle if you know them or just want to see what they are up to, allowing you to always stay in touch with different groups of people, as well as with individuals similarly to Facebook. Another system they have added in is Hangouts which allow people to communicate through video chat with a group of people, this is brand new and not many competitors have this sort of system. Instead of Hangout there is a program called Huddle that allows you to talk directly to one group of people though an instant chat. These sorts of programs are excellent for business and allow a group to communicate though this media directly, as well as allowing you to project your brand message to multiple people at once.

Why should you make a business profile on Google+?

You may be thinking that your business is already covered with social media because you tweet and use Facebook constantly. Or maybe you’re thinking that all social media integration doesn’t work or isn’t needed.

Well social media as a whole can help build your business and help attract new customers as well as communicating effectively with your existing customers. Some businesses only use social media to gain customers and clients and work their whole business through social media. However, the way social media should be thought of is a means of communication, that is with new, existing and potential future customers, so integrating your business into social media helps the business to interact with these people and isn't restricted to one particular group.

The best time to get on Google+ is now as it is still new, and makes it easier for you interact, rather than having every business in your area competing to be top dog. The business world is constantly competitive, so getting ahead of the curve will serve you well for the future.

Helpful Features Related to Google+

A great feature for business is that G+ creates a listing on Google Maps. Google Maps listing allows for your business to appear on the Google maps lists options on left side of the page when someone conducts a search related to your business. When adding G+ the listing is given a more attractive profile with pictures and reviews. What this does is influence potential customers and business partners with a professional looking profile, prompting them to choose you over competitors.

G+ increases your online presence by just having an account. It gives you more of online presence which allows customers to find you more easily, and also lends itself well to SEO. Not only does G+ help increase presence, it also allows a business to integrate their marketing approach on to their account. If you sell products online you can link your G+ account to Google Shopping to influence potential customers and show them other products.

Getting the most out of Google+

Google+ is one of the newest major social media set-ups, but is already dominating as an SEO titan on search results. The reason for this is Facebook and Twitter are essential to marketing efforts, and therefore stop Google from accessing much of their data, in turn limiting their SEO effectiveness. Although all social media is good for generating back links, Google ultimately decide SEO rankings within and, and therefore place more importance on sites linked to their own social media.

The effects of Google+ can be easily measured, if you have a Twitter, Facebook and Google+ and then search yourself within the 100 search results, Google+ will be the most common social media.

Link your site to Google+

A great advantage to G+ is you can optimise it to your site, this helps get the most out of optimisation of your website. Even including a G+ icon on your business' site or a blog may help influence more traffic to your site and to you G+ page.

You can also profile link your G+ to your website using keywords to help build links between the G+ page and the website.

Having a link on a Google+ page is all dependant on the authority of both the page and the domain. You can influence this by raising your visibility by getting people to engage with you, share your posts, or link directly to your profile.

What can be done with posting?

When using G+ you can add title tags which can help you rank for certain keywords. If you use an attractive and eye catching title tag you can help increase the click and view rate for your profile, making a good title tag can help influence people to share and interact with your post.

Having a widely shared post with an attractive title tag can increase the chances of the post ranking for the keywords; this then helps generate more views and people following your profile.

Another technique when using G+ would be to embed links into posts, if high authority profiles re-share the post then the value of the link will go up. What +1 does to a post is allows more people to see the post increase the chance of it becoming more viral, this in turn helps the contents of the post have more value and helps to rank the content higher.

Now when you share brand new content on G+ it will be indexed on Google instantly, this allows you to share your new content on G+, and on another social networks with quick indexing. Is a sense it’s trying to render twitter obsolete as you can instantly get feedback and updates in a matter of seconds, allowing any new content you share on G+ to be indexed instantly.

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