Thursday, 18 October 2012

5 ways to enhance your online marketing

Firstly who are we? We are Red Cow Media an Online Marketing Agency that provides different services to increase the chance of an audience finding you and using your services. We have over 20 years’ experience in this field and seen how rapidly online marketing can change.  Here are ways in which you can enhance your online marketing:

Web Design
One fundamental way to enhance your online marketing is the attractiveness and professionalism of your website; in today’s internet-led world, your website is your main tool to reflect your company, making it a key way to improve your online marketing. A website should always suit the business, including enough detail of what it does, and should provide valid information related to the business, as well as being visually appealing.

The vast majority of consumers will now look to websites when looking for a service online, checking the website out first before investing their money. Consumers are also influenced by different aspects of the site, including:
  • Loading Time
  • Attractiveness
  • Professionalism
  • Quality and Quantity of Information
All these aspect should be taken into consideration when looking to enhance the chances of customers choosing your site over the hundreds of other competitors.
A massive problem with online marketing is that a business has a fantastic looking website, which they may have paid a large amount of money for, but no business coming from it. It essential to have customers going to your website and this can be done through SEO, or “Search Engine Optimisation”.
There are two different types of SEO, off page and on page optimisation, in a nutshell, it helps potential customers find your website and gets it in front of a wider audience.
The on page optimisation deals with what is on the website and in the website code, and what could be improved to help the search engines identify that your site is exactly what the customer is looking for in their search. Off page optimisation comes from quality link building, through a variety of techniques including content generation, articles and reciprocal linking to relevant sites.
Link Building
This is a huge part of the SEO process which needs to be an ongoing effort. It comes under off page optimisation and uses different techniques to help increase the chance of the customers finding your website.  Link building is like a voting system, every link accounts for one vote and this allows search engines to find which page are important and the most popular. 
Over time link building has changed with different algorithms, making it a fighting battle to keep up with the latest techniques in link building. What link building essentially does is create more interest in the site and increases its visibility, opening up doors to a wider audience.

Social Media
One commonly missed part of online marketing is social media, which allows the user to keep a connection with the customer and, again, be used for getting to a wider audience.  Social Media is accessible to anyone and can be customised, it now takes up a huge proportion of online presence and it is seen as a weakness to a business if they haven’t got a social presence. It also allows a business to engage with the target audience on a more personal, accessible level.

One of the main features with Social Media is that is can be seen or accessed almost anywhere, allowing people to see what the business is providing at any time and increasing the chance of the customer picking your company.
It is a myth that for successful Social Media Marketing you need to spend hours each week on the various different pages, it’s all about targeting the right people.

E Marketing
All businesses keep records, email addresses from current customers, old customers and potential customers. They are the easiest record of data to capture and can prove an essential tool in your online marketing arsenal. The most important way of using this data is through e-mail marketing.
Sending the right information at the right time cannot only improve visits to your site but also turn those potential clients into actual clients.

If you found this article interesting, you can check out “Make It, Find It,Share It” where we explain what we mean by the phrase and how it may help you. Alternatively, you can find more information about us on our website by clicking here.

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