Tuesday, 9 October 2012

What do we mean by Make it, Find It, Share it?

What do we mean by Make it, Find It, Share it?

When we say “Make It” we mean the design and the structure of a website. In today’s internet dominated world, this is first thing most customers will see as a reflection of your business. This means your website makes a massive impact on your customers and potential customers, as well as your business itself.

“Make it” also refers to the web development stage of the process. What we do is make the website to the specification agreed with the customer, bearing in mind what is needed to provide the best user experience for potential customers.

Now, it’s all very well and good having a snazzy, all singing all dancing website, but how useful would it be if none of your potential customers could see it? 

This is where “Find it” comes in; allowing the customer, who may be interested in the service to find it. This is done with Search Engine Optimisation to help your website reach a wider audience online. With every business being unique, all elements of the SEO process are included, but with the strategy tailored and custom planned to suit your business.

“Share It”, the last of the three but still incredibly important to your online presence, and increasingly so. The “Share It” element engages your existing and potential customers with your business. This is done via Social Media marketing, using various social media channels that help the customer interact with the services.

This helps expand the audience of your website and helps engage current and potential customers. What all Social Media services should have in order to enhance the ability to influence and engage, is a fully customised page design with valid and helpful information for the customer to see and share.

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